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That Was The Year

That Was The Week 2023 #48

For those interested, I have embedded an Excel file with a list of 2023 issues of That Was The Week, ordered by the largest number opened and read on Substack. Each issue is linked.

Twtw 2023
21.9KB ∙ XLSX file

The newsletter is also published on X, Facebook, Linkedin, and the Video on Youtube.

The total Substack views in 2023 will be about 250,000, with 150,000 users. I have over 60,000 LinkedIn followers and contacts, 6500 on X, and 4800 Friends on Facebook, with a further 35,000 or so followers. These people all have access to That Was The Week for each issue.

That Was The Week
That Was The Week
That Was The Week is an editorialized and curated weekly look at developments in tech, startups, and venture investing with a video and podcast for paid subscribers. All free subscribers get a 6-month complementary paid subscription.
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